Sponsor an Event

If you’re looking at building the profile of your business to the select clientele of senior decision makers that attend Mayfair Sporting Club’s events or reinforcing your brand to your guests – there’s no better way than sponsoring or advertising at one of our regular events.

Sponsorship & Advertising at our Black-Tie Gala Boxing Events

Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

There’s a wide range of sponsorship and advertising opportunities at all of the Mayfair Sporting Club’s events to suit all budgets and marketing objectives. These can be used for raising the awareness of your business amongst senior decision makers through to associating your brand with the glitz, sophistication and glamour that is the Mayfair Sporting Club.

  • Opportunities include:
  • Boxing ring advertising (floor, corner posts, ringside)
  • Programme & menu entries
  • Banner advertising throughout the venue
  • Boxer sponsorship
  • And much more.

The Mayfair Sporting Club can also offer exclusive branding opportunities for all of our Black-Tie Gala Boxing events, but these are very limited.

If you’re interested in promoting your business the key decision makers that attend the Mayfair Sporting Club’s events, please get in touch with us.

Bespoke events

If you wish the organise an event specifically for your business, the Mayfair Sporting Club can organise a bespoke event for you. Please see our Bespoke Events page.